Kilter have been around for quite a few years now, and have emerged as one of the finest bands in the Guildford area. As well as impressing, and bemusing, venues all over the South, they released a single, 'Call The Day', on Oxford's very cool Shifty Disco label last year. Inga is the lead singer, Barney plays bass and I think that Ant plays guitar and Will the drums, but I might've got that the wrong way round. They haven't been playing live so much recently, so I was wondering how they are spending their time...
What are you up to at the moment?
INGA: Writing songs and mixing tracks for release. We have a track coming out on March 8th on a Shifty Disco compilation, and a new track 'Spitting Teeth' on 'Snakebite City Comes Home', out at the end of January.
How was playing Splatch?
WILL: Exhilarating and deflating at the same time.
BARNEY: A dream come true and a nightmare for life!
ANT: First time, grim; second time, grand.
INGA: Scary, exciting.
Do you think you have improved as a live band?
INGA: Yes indeedy.
BARNEY: Strawberries and cream are still better, but we're getting closer.
What is the best gig you have ever played?
ANT: 'Guildford Goes To Reading' at Reading Alleycat.
BARNEY: West End Centre, Aldershot, with Monsoon Bassoon.
How did the single, 'Call The Day', on Shifty Disco, come about?
INGA: We sent a demo to The Point in Oxford and they liked it so much, they asked if they could put it out as a single.
What other bands on Shifty Disco do you like?
INGA: Dustball rock, have good tunes and we love them. Crackout; they're young, innovative, nice drums, nice people.
What have been the benefits of having a single out?
INGA: Reviews, airplay, lots of people hearing it via the singles club, riches galore and so on.
What are your plans for the future?
INGA: I would like more vodka, Barney would like a haircut, Will would like Easter, Ant would like ten new songs and some money please.
BARNEY: Inga wants to be in the Smashing Pumpkins, Ant wants to be in Portishead, I want to be a nanny and Will wants to stay in his room.
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