Seafood are David on vocals and guitar, Kevin on vocals and bass, Charles on bass, and Caroline on drums and vocals, and they are one of the most exciting bands around, and also one of my personal favorites. Anyone who has seen Seafood play live would know that this band is something a bit special. Not only to they have tunes, but they make a noise like you've never heard before. It is a fantastic live experience. Last year they also released 'Messenger In The Camp', a collection of their singles, the best of which is the tortured love song 'Porchlight', which was on my stereo all of last summer. As well as all this they are fantastically nice people, who took the time to answer these questions for my zine.
How does playing at Reading and supporting Ash compare with playing smaller, more intimate venues that you are used to?
KEVIN: Playing large venues is amazing and there's no denying it. But both Reading and Ash were very frightening gigs and weirdly exciting. But at this stage we have played big gigs as low on the bill support and thus small gigs aren't so stilted. That intimacy is just as scary though. Now I will stop saying 'But'.
DAVID: Kevin is obsessed with 'Buts', it really is not healthy! Both are good, scary, sexy and fun.
CHARLES: I enjoy smaller venues.
CAROLINE: Smaller venues too.
How did Charles break his arm?
KEVIN: What?
DAVID: He didn't, he cut his hands up by falling through a glass door after he heard my new idea for a song, called 'Many Mountains Will Tire You'. I guess he did not like my idea.
CHARLES: I threw myself through a glass door, thinking that there was a fire. Twenty-one stitches, 'nuff said.
Are you ever going to record your brilliant version of 'Walking In The Air'?
CAROLINE: Funny you should ask.
KEVIN: Nicely timed question. We are recording a session for Student Radio Network and we plan to record a big version of 'Walking In The Air'. We haven't played it since Reading Festival. It would be fun to have that recorded.
DAVID: I agree with everything he says, unfortunately Kevin controls my mind with a piece of electric cheese called Frank. Stop it, no, no Frank! Please stop, make it stop!
Do you prefer your acoustic or electric songs?
KEVIN: I think we are wannabe metallers with hearts of hippies. We've been described as 'gay metal'! I like both; it's a mighty fine balance.
DAVID: We like both, but I love acoustic tracks and I am largely responsible for them at the moment. I prefer it when acoustic stuff is very raw and not very produced; early, early Sebadoh stuff is my favourite pleasure for my ears.
CHARLES: I love electric, but do enjoy the acoustic.
What subjects do your songs deal with?
CHARLES: Best left to Dave.
DAVID: Sex, lust, death, suicide, insecurity, love, relationships, infidelity, selfishness, hatred and anger. I think I should get out more.
CAROLINE: Dave missed out mysterious beasts of myth and legend.
Are you planning to stay on Fierce Panda to release your proper debut album?
DAVID: That is a tough question. I would love to stay with Panda as we prefer small labels. However, we all need to eat and pay our rent so we shall have to see what happens next.
CHARLES: Oh yes.
How will the demise of Xfm affect you?
KEVIN: It remains to be seen. Ask again in a couple of months when our next single is out.
DAVID: I can't listen to it anymore and I have instead tuned to Magic FM purely on the basis of their superb adverts with chickens playing trumpets.
CAROLINE: I found GLR instead, it's much better anyway.
Where can we see you live in future months?
KEVIN: Well, we've got a gig in March. It's an NME On night and we play as special guests of Cay. So do you fancy it? We will be playing new songs, so go easy on us!
DAVID: I think he meant a bit further into the future Kev. For instance, on March 20th I am playing tennis with my friend Arnold Willis.
And a final little interesting fact for anyone who lives around Guildford
DAVID: I come from the Surrey area, I was brought up in West Byfleet and Worplesdon, don't ya know, and was often seen dancing in the Loft indie disco!
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