The last year has seen Farnham punkers Winner go from strength to strength, with an entertaining and always amusing live set, and irony- fuelled songs. This year has seen them on Snakebite City, next year it's more compilation appearances as well as a split single with Speedowax and their own one, 'Life's a Wedgie', coming out in the spring. Ross (guitar/vocals), Tim (bass/vocals) and Matt (drums/vocals) do their best Beavis and Butthead impressions...
How did you form and what are your influences?
TIM: At a folk festival.
ROSS: We were all in our Dads' bands.
MATT: I've wet myself, I like Jefferson Airplane.
ROSS: I love Kiss, Twisted Sister, Blink 182000, MXPX,Strung Out, No Use For A Name, Properghandi.
TIM: Yeah, all of that, oh, plus Chick Pants On My Feet.
Why are you better or more important than all the other punk bands around?
ROSS: I didn't do it.
MATT: Cos I'm a long-haired virgin.
TIM: Cos we rip off the best and we are the Spice Girls of punk rock.
How important is image in your music?
ALL: You must pretend to skate and yo-yo and say you love South Park and only buy Neveready make up and records, say the punk rock elite.
What are the best and worst things about playing live?
ROSS: I get really sexually frustrated, and the chicks that watch you live always disappear.
MATT: Sand which always pulls my pants down.
TIM: The availability to advertise, I don't have a girlfriend (is that too much to ask?)
Which is your favourite song?
ROSS: STD, Strikes A Soar Point
MATT: Wannabe.
TIM: We didn't write that dumbass, Boyzone did.
Have you benefited much from beig on the latest Snakebite City?
ROSS: Yes, I met Vis the Spoon.
TIM: We got paid 20,000.
MATT: So I jscked off that old guy for nothing.
TIM: No, he paid good money too.
What have you got lined up for next year?
ROSS: Recording a single, going to Europe.
MATT: Are we, you eat sugar cubes murf head!
TIM: Shut up! There's crazy hooker in Amsterdam dog face, I'm gonna kick your ass. Oh yeah, I don't have a girlfriend.
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