Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine split in the summer of '97. Les a.k.a. Fruity, their guitarist, has gone on to form a new band, the difficult to spell Abdoujaparov. The band are Les on vocals and guitar, Alain on guitar and backing vox, Andy on bass and backing vox, and Ben (ex-Carter) on drums. Answers from Les.
A fairly obvious question to ask, but why 'Abdoujaparov'? Am I spelling it corectly?
Yes, you are spelling it correctly. Djamolidin Abdoujaparov is the name of a famous cyclist from Uzbekistan. He is a top professional and was nicknamed The Tashkent Terror as he was so ferocious in the sprints. His erratic and somewhat dangerous riding style caused him to have many spectacular crashes, the most amusing was the time when he ran over a French policeman during the Tour De France.
What kind of stuff are you playing?
It's pretty much 1977 style punk/pop with little bits of goth and country thrown in for good measure.
Do you have any plans for world domination?
Only if we can do it without involving record companies, music journalists, DJs and managers.
What else have you been up to since Carter split?
I've been designing web pages and writing a musical.
What are the other members of Carter up to?
Jim (bob) has recorded his first solo LP under the name of Jim's Super Steroeworld. It will be release early next year. Salv is currently Santa in Stevenage. Wez is concentrating on his computer art, Steve is tour- managing Drugstore. Ben is with me.
Having only seen Carter once, I would love to see them again. If you could see any band live, from the whole history of ever, who would it be?
I think I would've loved to see Ziggy Era David Bowie.
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