Live reviews and photos. Please note that all the photos on this page are by William Palmer, the newest member of the Ashamed and Bored team.

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My Vitriol, Wilt and
Mindwire and Hotel Lounge
Guildford Live 2000 Festival
Sleater-Kinney and Mary Timony
Caretaker, Monkey Boy and The Oedipus
Fourth Quartet, Reynolds and San Lorenzo
100 Reasons, Miocene and Audit
The Junket and Caretaker
Bonebox and Misterhall
Fourth Quartet and Pavo
Billy Mahonie, The Monsoon Bassoon and Ursa

Live Photos

Seafood - David Lines.
Seafood - Here they are.
JJ72 - The bassist.
JJ72 - The bassist, with drums in background.
JJ72 - Moody close up of the bassist.
JJ72 - Probably the bassist once more.
Monsoon Bassoon - Woodwind playing person.
Monsoon Bassoon - As above, but without woodwind.
Monsoon Bassoon - Not sure about this one. Could be of anything.
Monsoon Bassoon - Female singer again.
Monsoon Bassoon - Here she is again, with instrument.
Monsoon Bassoon - A bloke.