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This is the third demo I've received from Penfold, and on each one there has always been at least one song that I just can't get out of my head. This latest installment is no exception; '20000 Leagues Under the Settee' is a fuzzy garage rock tune with quirky lyrics, and 'Confused' is a more poignant, almost epic effort. Both are maddeningly good little songs. The other tracks on the tape aren't as memorable, but as a whole this demo shows Penfold developing their original sound, which is continually hard to pinpoint.
Contact James Cummings, 9 Cranwell Grove, Lightwater, Surrey, GU18 5YD

Time For Lunch

I almost saw TFL last year; I was even in the venue, but everything was running behind time, and I'd already arranged to go somewhere else, the cinema I think. What a shame I missed them, because then I would have found out what a truly brilliant band TFL are much sooner! This demo shows a confident band who have a stack of punk-pop gems (emphasis firmly on the punk). There are some amazing songs on this seven track demo, and my favourite changes with almost every listen; sometimes it's the scurried pop of 'Fleas', occasionally the upbeat ska of 'Downhill', and who could forget the sheer punk genius of 'Lazy Me', with it's angular riffs and exhilarating finish. TFL have real talent, and this professionally produced demo proves it!
Contact Tom Stevens, 2 Church Road, Bagshot, Surrey, GU19 5EQ

Farnborough Groove 8

It's back, and with Pete Cole once again at the helm. Nearly all the bands on the tape are ones that have only released demo material, and so aren't the most high-profile bands in the area, but FG8 still throws up a few gems. @tomika's contribution is 'Third Star From The Right' and by my reckoning it's one of their best songs; lots of emotion and a swooping tune. Boa and Kartel are both completely new bands to me, and they've produced some raw and simple, but interesting, songs. The TFL tune, 'Fleas' is fantastic; bouncy punk rock fun. Another track that really caught my attention is by Hip Slinky. They have a bit of a retro sound, but 'She's So High' is a classic rock anthem. The rest of the bands have donated more average material, but the acts I've listed are worth checking out, and at two pounds this is a bargain.
2.00 from Pete Cole, 6 Clevedon Court, Farnborough, Hants, GU14 7EJ
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