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Travis Cut's 'Seventh Inning Stretch' was probably my favorite punk album of last year; anger, love and tunes all rolled into one! The band have been around for quite a while and having released loads of records on several labels have created a bit of a cult following, so I was delighted when Chris from the band answered some of my questions
What is the scene like in Harlow?
Only our new drummer Jamie still lives in Harlow now so we're not really involved at all. Since Mac stopped promoting gigs at the Square, Harlow's only venue, the whole place has gone downhill.
Who are your influences?
Personally, Husker Du, the Descendents, Face to Face and older indie stuff like the Smiths and the Wedding Present. Mac likes the Spice Girls, All Saints and older punk stuff and new UK hardcore and our drummer digs the crazy Fat Wreck sounds!
Were you pleased with how the album 'Seventh Inning stretch' sounded?
Personally, I think it's great. I had a great time going to Washington to record it and it was a pleasure to work with Dave Smalley and Dan Zientara. We recorded it quite a while ago now and delays have held up it's release so we're looking forward to recording the next one now.
Would you say you are 'punk-pop'?
As much as I hate pigeonholing everything I'd have to agree that yes, we are punk-pop but we have an aggressive edge, especially live, that a lot of punk-pop bands lack.
You were on Snakebite City 7. Who else of the record did you like?
It was all a bit too indie-schmindie for my liking but it was a great compilation to be on and it did really well for us by getting us a lot of Peel plays and coverage in fanzines that don't normally have us in. I did like the Glitterbox track and the one about Bobby Gillespie!
How important are fanzines?
I love getting fanzines but too many fall into the trap of having a lack of objectivity. Not every record can be great! It seems that a lot of fanzines place too much importance on getting free records and don't want to risk being taken off record companies mailing lists! What I liked about 'Ashamed and Bored' was that it didn't aspire to be the NME but instead concentrated on your local scene and consequently came across as quite knowledgeable.
Thanks a lot, that's quite a compliment! Have people ever come to your gigs expecting to see Travis, the Creation indie-plodders?
Nobody's ever admitted to it to us, but our previous drummer was asked by his mum if it was true that we were supporting Oasis!
When are you releasing some new material?
There's a compilation CD of all our singles coming out in the summer on Them's Good and Snuffy Smile, two new tracks on a split 7" with Otherwise and hopefully weíll record our new LP in the summer.
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