Moreau's Island

There are some bands who, despite releasing a stream of beautiful, melodic and critically acclaimed singles, never seem to be able to break into the mainstream because they are not in keeping with current trends. Yes, you've guessed it, Moreau's Island are one of those bands; wonderful, but cruelly ignored. Therefore I hope that after reading this interview with Kathy, vocalist and guitar player with the band, you will rush out and buy some of their material!
What are you doing at the moment?
We're rehearsing a bit and writing some new stuff, but we're not that busy really. We're mainly awaiting the finalising of plans for 1999!
Are you big fans of H.G. Wells?
Not really. I've read the one we took our name from, and classics like 'The Time Machine' and 'War Of The Worlds', and although they're very ingenious, I don't like his style of writing.
On your singles you often have acoustic b-sides. Do you enjoy playing acoustically?
Yes, although we've only done it for radio sessions and recording; we don't actually rehearse or write things acoustically. I think a really good song can often sound better acoustic and stripped down. Lots of people have commented on the acoustic tracks and how much they like them.
Where can we see you live in the next few months?
In Japan!! Unfortunately things are very dry for bands in the UK at the moment and we're frankly pissed off with 'playing the game' here. So we're not playing here at all for the foreseeable future, but Japan, Germany and the USA have shown a big interest, so we'll channel energies into that.
Have you been pleased with the positive reviews your singles have received from the weeklies? Do you care about the opinions of the NME?
I didn't think our reviews had been that positive! I do care what the weeklies say only so far as it will encourage people to investigate the band, but I don't actually rate any of the reviewers opinions, because it's all so subjective.
Is your song 'No.1 Fan' about a boy band obsession?
No, but it could be. It's about someone stalking a celebrity, who ends up killing someone to get them to notice them - sort of Jodie Foster and President Regan thing.
You've been on a couple of compilations; which is the coolest?
Oooh! That's not fair! They're both really good. I'd probably listen to 'Abuse Your Friends' all the way through, but then it's got half the tracks of 'Snakebite City' so it would have more quality control! But I prefer our track, 'Carol Falling', on 'Snakebite City' than the one on 'Abuse'.
Will you be releasing any new material in the near future?
We have an album recorded, and it will shortly be out in Japan, with other deals to be confirmed. The UK won't get anything for the moment I'm afraid... unless someone's got some money for us?!?
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