Twister have been all over the place over the last few years with shows in places as varied as East Germany, France and the slightly less rock 'n' roll Staines. They've also released several brilliant slices of punk pop, most noticably the brilliant, harmonica driven 'It's A Dog's Life' and fantastic sing-a-long 'Holiday'. Paul, guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist with the band, told me more:
You've played loads of gigs over the past couple of years. Which has been your favourite?
We played in Belfort, France to three thousand people. It was great fun. However, we got into a scuffle in a bar afterwards and Mark got a fractured skull and Calvin a broken nose.
Can you see yourselves as a stadium band?
We will play anywhere. We always try to do a good show if its to three or three thousand people. Matt the singer likes to grind himself agaisnt as many things as he can.
You've been on the Snakebite City compilations. Which other bands have you most liked from them?
Our good chums Inter. Also Posh on SC5, Deluxor, Spacemaid, Jolt, High Fidelity and Ex-Boyfriends on SC6, Agebaby, Action Heroes, Co-Star, Vyvyan and Holy Roman Empire from SC7 and from the latest compilation Seafood, Vis, Drugstore and the Beatmolls.
In your own fanzine you ran a competition to name your album. How long will it be till the album is finished and have you decided on a name?
It is taking rather a long time to complete, but we are almost there. We hope to release it early next year. There's still no name decided.
How important is the image of the band and how would you describe it?
Five aging, deluded 'has-beens' (or perhaps 'never-wheres'!) who are too stupid to jack it all in and wear their respective beer bellies with pride.
Have you ever heard or seen the other band called Twister in the Surrey area?
NO! There are about three Twisters all over the place. I hope they are all good and enjoy what they are doing.
How do you go about writing your songs?
One of us ususally brings something nearly finished to the rehearsals and the rest finish it off.
How succesful fo you feel?
We're doing okay. We all do other work so we're not doing amazingly. Just to have a single out and do a few gigs is an achievement. And we still enjoy it.
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