Dustball have been around for what seems ages now, with two singles and an excellent album out on the Shifty Disco label. They are very cool, a fanzines favourite, a great live band and they're here, hinting at a brand new sound coming soon...
What are the best and worst things about being young and in a band?
Leeway with puerility, puerility with leeway, keep on truckin'.
Why does Oxford produce so many great bands?
We hadn't noticed any great bands. Who are they? Where are they?
What do you think of Shifty Disco?
Evil corporate slags who feed off The Man.
Were you pleased with the album?
That's all old hat and stinky. It rocked at the time, but it's a bit lightweight compared to now.
Who came up with the packaging idea?
Angela Sammon at Shifty Disco. Then they fired her!
Where do you most enjoy playing?
The Point in Oxford kicks ass. The Derby Victoria we couldn't get on with.
What has 1999 got in store?
New sound, new set, new single, practice, demos, gigs, all the same shit really.
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