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Welcome to Ashamed and Bored. You'll notice that the site has now moved to Please update your links and bookmarks. Any feedback is welcome. Please take time to find out about some fantastic music and enjoy the site. Most of the new stuff is available in the paper zine, issue six. Details are available below. Also in this issue is an interview with Seafood, although it will turn up on this site at some time, probably. Also coming soon is a rather hectic Reynolds interview.



Paul of Monkey Boy praises ten films, and Chris Summerlin of Reynolds tells us all about his favourite Simpson's episodes.


'Bonebox are the sum of it's parts. There is no slack, no waste, no glory seeking. Every piece fits perfectly in its place.'
Brother Jay may talk like a preacherman, but he is in fact the mainman with gun totin', cigar smokin' nu-blues terrorists Bonebox

Fourth Quartet vs. Pavo
'Post-rock follows us everywhere.'
The big Words & Works Rejected showdown between melancholic, sublime songwriters Fourth Quartet and abstract noise-makers Pavo.

The Junket
'The main thing with us is that we don't want to compromise what we do.'
Reflecting their stunning sound, The Junket are fiercely intelligent and passionate about their music.

'We're trying to sort out what's going on with our lives, but we don't have a clue!'
Snarling and spitting, and that's just the music Twist create. Not a band to get on the wrong side of.


We got the new albums by Clinic, Fourth Quartet, Queens of the Stoneage, Shellac, Trail of Dead and loads more. And we slagged them all off. Only joking.


Includes new reviews of Angelica, Bareface, Idlewild and Ten Cents.


All the best gigs of the summer rated and slated; Hundred Reasons at the Aldershot WEC, My Vitriol at the Garage, Sleater-Kinney by the seaside, the Caretaker vs. Monkey showdown and both Guildford festivals.


Yes, some brave fools are still producing these babies. If you've sent me a zine recently it will no doubt be reviewed here. Everyone should buy at least five zines from this pile.


A varied bunch this time round, ranging from the stunning nu-blues of Los Nachos to some completely dire early-Manics rip-off band who will remain nameless for now.


Ashamed & Bored #6 can be purchased from 6 The Court, Bury Fields, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 4BA, United Kingdom. It is one pound plus a 40p SAE and has loads of cool stuff in it. Buy you fools, buy!


Interviews with Reynolds and Seafoods! A new e-interview feature (provisionally titled 'The Baker's Dozen')! A&B moves to Norwich! More regular updates! Keep visiting the site! E-mail us your views! Send us your records! Exclamation mark overdose!